What is the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG)?


  • Patients (or caregivers) of the healthcare system in Ontario
  • People who have agreed to give their feedback or input into issues raised by CAG Partners
  • A group who is making a difference by sharing their experiences

The Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) was formed over two years ago as a patient feedback mechanism for the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, the regulatory body for physiotherapists practicing in the Province.


A partnership of other health regulators was formed and these Partners are able to get advice from the CAG.

Some of the issues presented to the CAG:

  • Definition of a patient (Who is a patient, when do they become or stop being one, and why does it matter?)
  • College quality assurance programs (ways for healthcare professionals to show they can provide quality care)
  • Information about the controlled act of psychotherapy (Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council)
  • College websites (helping to focus on the patient/caregiver experience using a College site)

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